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The largest of the Central Asian countries by far, Kazakhstan is a land of big skies and vast open spaces. Dominated by the seemingly unending northern steppe, the country is also blessed with beautiful lakes and a rugged spine of snowcapped mountains along its borders with China and Kyrgyzstan, and with many adventurous places. Adventure tourism has grown exponentially all over the world in recent years with tourist visiting destinations previously undiscovered. Adventure tourism in Kazakhstan includes various activities like trekking, backpacking, camping, hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, bird watching, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, skiing.

4 days

Borovoe Gambling Tour

Gambling tour to the biggest and the most luxury casino in Central Asia, located in the Burabai National Park at the shore of the Lake Shchuchye, in the fantastic area with unique and inimitable beauty of landscapes, created by nature...

4 days

Camping tour

Camping trips are the stuff of childhood memories. Of sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows and slapping at sand flies, of sleeping between canvas walls and rising with the sun. During this tour you will visit Tuzkol lake, hotsprings, amazing canyons and waterfall.

4 days

Horseriding tour on the Ketmen ridge

Your trip will begin with a visit to the Charyn Canyon, a unique natural complex of Kazakhstan, and continue at the camp site, where you will ride on horseback along the Ketmen ridge, visit the Saki cave, and a Kazakh family.

4 days

Kapchagay Gambling Tour

Through this tour you will have a chance to try your luck, spend your time at the biggest city of Kazakhstan and observe the dynamic world of Kapchagay casinos.

4 days

Ski tour at Shymbulak

Almaty is a sunny, cozy, green city with wide streets, beautiful buildings, numerous parks, squares and fountains. The most beautiful city at the foot of the emerald ridges of the Tien Shan is not accidentally called a "garden city".

1 day

Mountain river rafting

During rafting on a mountain river, you will travel outside the noisy city to the mountains, get unforgettable emotions and adrenaline, make your body work and recharge positively for the whole day. Rafting is available for beginners and physically healthy people.

7 days

Almaty region adventure tour

Residents of Almaty live in a beautiful city: a lot of fruit, warm winter and insane beauty around for thousands of kilometers. During this tour you can visit the sights of the Almaty region and enjoy our amazing nature.

1 day

Charyn canyon - helicopter tour

This tour will give you the opportunity to see steep dark rocks, riddled with cracks, caves, reminiscent of the protective walls of medieval castles from a height of 1000 meters above sea level.

1 day

Golden Eagle Performance

Hunting with a golden eagle is one of the most ancient attractions of our ancestors. Petroglyphs depicting this action were found on the walls of caves in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. These three countries and today remain the last nooks on the planet, where locals still practice this craft.

1 day

Hunting with Golden Eagle

During this tour you will be able to participate in the hunt with specially prepared hunting birds of prey. Hunting with birds of prey is traditional for all Central Asian nomads. A rider with a golden eagle sitting on his wrist has always been a symbol of the Asian steppes. During this day, you can feel like a real nomad, and plunge into the historical life of the Kazakh people.

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