There are a variety of Kazakhstan visa types, and rules can vary depending on your passport country; read on to learn the details of how to obtain a Kazakhstan visa, receive a letter of invitation and register while in country.

Visa-free policy and registration

There is a list of countries whose citizens do not need a visa to enter Kazakhstan. This list is divided into two groups: citizens who receive automatic registration upon arrival (immigration card with two stamps) and those who must receive registration within five days after arrival (immigration card with one stamp).

If you hold a passport from one of the following countries, you DO NOT NEED to register:

Country Visa regime
1 Australia up to 30 days
2 Austria up to 30 days
3 Bahrain 30 days
4 Belarus up to 90 days**
5 Belgium up to 30 days
6 Brazil up to 30 days
7 Bulgaria up to 30 days
8 Canada up to 30 days
9 Chile up to 30 days
10 Colombia up to 30 days
11 Croatia up to 30 days
12 Cyrpus up to 30 days
13 Czech Republic up to 30 days
14 Denmark up to 30 days
15 Estonia up to 30 days
16 Finland up to 30 days
17 France up to 30 days
18 Germany up to 30 days
19 Great Britain up to 30 days
20 Greece up to 30 days
21 Hungary up to 30 days
22 Iceland up to 30 days
23 Indonesia up to 30 days
24 Ireland up to 30 days
25 Israel up to 30 days
26 Italy up to 30 days
27 Japan up to 30 days
28 Kuwait up to 30 days
29 Latvia up to 30 days
30 Liechtenstein up to 30 days
31 Lithuania up to 30 days
32 Luxembourg up to 30 days
33 Malaysia up to 30 days
34 Malta up to 30 days
35 Mexico up to 30 days
36 Monaco up to 30 days
37 Netherlands up to 30 days
38 New Zealand up to 30 days
39 Norway up to 30 days
40 Oman 30 days
41 Philippines 30 days
42 Poland up to 30 days
43 Portugal up to 30 days
44 Qatar 30 days
45 Romania up to 30 days
46 Russia up to 90 days**
47 Saudi Arabia up to 30 days
48 Singapore up to 30 days
49 Slovakia up to 30 days
50 Slovenia up to 30 days
51 South Korea up to 30 days
52 Spain up to 30 days
53 Sweden up to 30 days
54 Switzerland up to 30 days
55 Thailand up to 30 days
56 Turkey up to 30 days
57 UAE up to 30 days
58 Ukraine up to 30 days
59 USA up to 30 days
60 Vatican up to 30 days
61 Vietnam up to 30 days

If you are from one of the following countries, you need to register within 5 calendar days after arrival:

Country Visa regime
1 Azerbaijan up to 30 days
2 Argentina up to 30 days
3 Armenia up to 90 days
4 Hong Kong (China) up to 14 days
5 Georgia up to 90 days
6 Kyrgyzstan up to 90 days
7 Moldova up to 90 days
8 Mongolia up to 90 days
9 Serbia up to 30 days
10 Tajikistan up to 30 days
11 Uzbekistan up to 30 days


* multiple entry, with a maximum of 30 days in country per year from the date of arrival.

** Registration is required if you’ll be in country longer than 30 days.

If your country is not on the list, then upon arrival in Kazakhstan you need to register with the immigration police, where each tourist is issued a migration card. Registration must be done within 5 days, including Saturday and Sunday. You can register yourself or arrange in advance for a travel agency to do it for you.

Visa Support

Foreign citizens who are not eligible for visa-free entry can obtain a visa through their nearest Kazakhstan embassy or consulate, or online through the Kazakhstan e-visa portal.


How to obtain a visa for Kazakhstan through a consulate or embassy:

Obtain a Letter of Invitation (LOI) through a travel agency. You can apply from up to 3 months to 20 days before your departure date and can expect the process to take about two weeks. To apply for an LOI you’ll need the following:

    • Completed Letter of Invitation (Kazakhstan Visa Support) form, which will be provided by the tour company.
    • Passport Copy
    • Letter of Employment (retirees and housewives are exempt from this)
    • Dates of Travel
    •  Processing Fee
    • (Citizens of Jordan and Saudi Arabia can obtain a Kazakhstan visa without an invitation letter if applying for a single-entry tourist visa, with mandatory registration within 5 days of arrival).

Submit the following to the Kazakhstan embassy or consulate:

    • A copy of the Letter of Invitation and its corresponding visa support number
    • Passport Copy (Passport cannot expire less than 6 months after Kazakhstan visa expiration date)
    • Completed visa application form
    • One passport photo
    • Consular fee ($20-50 for single entry, $200 for multiple entry)
    • Confirmation of hotel reservation
    • Proof of purchase of airline tickets to Kazakhstan
    • The visa will be issued within seven days of submitting your documents.


Citizens of Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) do not need a Letter of Invitation (visa support). Instead, a single-entry B12 visa (tourist) is issued upon personal application at a Kazakh Embassy. Citizens of Jordan are required to register their stay within 5 calendar days after arrival.

Electronic Visa (E-Visa)

To apply for an electronic visa to Kazakhstan (business, tourist or medical visa), you need to receive an invitation letter from a travel agency or a resident of Kazakhstan, register on the Kazakhstan e-visa portal, fill out the form and pay the fee. Visas are normally issued within 5 business days, and often earlier.

With an electronic visa you can arrive to Kazakhstan only at the international airports in Nur-Sultan (Astana) and Almaty.

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