MICE Kazakhstan

The MICE tourism industry is very extensive, since its sphere, in addition to the actual tourist objects and issues, includes objects and issues of business, reputation, international.

The abbreviation MICE is formed from the first letters of four English words:

  • Meetings - negotiations, presentations, meetings;
  • Incentives - programs and tours for staff motivation, holidays, team building;
  • Conferences - seminars, congresses, congresses, conferences;
  • Exhibitions - press tours, image events, exhibitions and the like.
  • In many countries, the expressions industry of meetings, business tourism have become synonyms for MICE.

Relying on our rich experience and extensive partnerships in all countries of the world, "Business Blessing Travel" is ready to fulfill any tasks in the organization of recreation, travel management and MICE with a guarantee of excellent results.


Our responsibilities include:

  • development of a business program - with the invitation of participants, speakers, sponsors, holding exhibitions, presentations and other things;
  • development of a cultural program - such that it does not take up much time and effort, naturally fits into the script of a business event, ideally, works for the participants' tasks, promotes their implementation (exhibitions, concerts with product presentations, business lunches with tasting of something, etc. etc.);
  • PR events, work with media;
  • organization of departure / arrival with convenient flight connections with minimal loss in time (ideally, no loss);
  • search for opportunities to change the departure / arrival time - without penalties and delays;
  • booking rooms in hotels where there are all the conditions for holding business events of the required scale, while being close to airports - this saves time and transfer costs;
  • providing participants with rooms and business centers with uninterrupted, high-speed Internet;
  • hotel reservations where participants can satisfy all important needs - use the services of a laundry, hairdresser, dry cleaning, gym;
  • solution of all current organizational and technical issues;
  • dozens more "necessary", "urgent", "obligatory", which will arise in the course of the main actions.

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