Kazakhstan is an unusual, mysterious country, having visited it, you will want to return. Kazakhstan is a country, where different cultures, religions, centuries-old history and modern technologies intertwine.


The republic ranks ninth in area and has the longest land border with an adjacent state. Despite this, for many people around the world our country remains a mystery. Perhaps you imagine only boundless steppes and herds of camels when you are going visit us, but on arrival you are waiting for a lot of surprises.


interesting facts about Kazakhstan before your arrival:


In 1961, the first space flight of a man to space was made from the Kazakh cosmodrome Baikonur.


132 representatives of ethnic groups and nationalities live in Kazakhstan


1969 was marked by an incredible archaeological find - in Kazakhstan was found the first Golden Man.


The height of the highest mountain in the world "Medeo" is 1691 meters above sea level


3000 kilometers share the ocean and the most distant oceanarium in the world - the Duman complex in Astana.


The height of the shopping mall "Khan Shatyr" in Astana is 150 meters, it is the largest tent in the world.


5 objects of Kazakhstan's sights are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The second largest non-drying salt lake in the world - Balkhash - is located in Kazakhstan. Half of its water is fresh, half is salty. The phenomenon is still not explained by scientists.


The highest TV tower in the world - Kok-Tobe - is in Kazakhstan. This is one of the most earthquake-proof structures. And in Kazakhstan located the highest chimney, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records


In the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan along the river there is a canyon Charyn (length is about 154 km), which, by uniqueness and beauty, is often compared to the American Grand Canyon in Colorado.


80% of the territory of Kazakhstan is fascinating for ecotourists, extreme people and thrill-seekers. Ornithologists, biologists, zoologists, geologists and naturalists will find new objects for their collection.


Lake Kayindy is the only mysterious lake in the world with a submerged forest inside.


about Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, in the depths of the Eurasian continent. It is located at the junction of two continents - Europe and Asia, between 45 and 87 degrees east longitude, 40 and 55 degrees north latitude. Kazakhstan, as the 9th largest country in the world, occupies an area of 2724.9 thousand square kilometers and stretches east of the Caspian Sea and the Volga plains to the Altai mountains from the foothills of the Tien Shan in the south and southeast to the West Siberian lowlands in the north.

In this beautiful and picturesque country, for hundreds of centuries, hundreds of cultures, nationalities have harmoniously coexisted, giving its appearance a unique versatility. Sights of Kazakhstan include natural and man-made, historical and modern monuments, which are concentrated in abundance on these lands. One of the country's main wealth is the endless steppes that store countless artifacts of antiquity. Everyone finds something to see in Kazakhstan, discovering here something new and special.

The position of Kazakhstan in the center of the Eurasian continent determines its significant transport and communication potential in the field of transit traffic and is of interest to many countries of the world.


Kazakhstan is one of the most developed countries in Central Asia, combining the metropolitan splendor of modern cities, the beautiful nature and exotic of Asian culture. Despite being the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan remains, for many people, an unknown and enigmatic place. Even the most well-travelled visitor will find many fascinations in Kazakhstan: mountain peaks covered with snow, vast highlands, deep rivers, parched deserts, endless fields covered with flowers and virgin forest reserves.

Much emphasis is placed on the preservation of the country’s many natural reserves, national parks and their unique landscapes, fauna and flora. Over six thousand kinds of plants are growing in Kazakhstan (from them 515 - only here), on its open spaces it is possible to meet about 500 kinds of birds, 178 kinds of animals, 49 kinds of reptiles, 12 kinds of amphibians, and in the rivers and lakes - 107 kinds of fishes.

Kazakhstan is an excellent destination for travelers who love nature. It is unspoilt, varied and beautiful.

There are 10 state reserves operating on the territory of the Republic: Almaty, Korgaldzhinsky, Aksu-Zhabagly (which received the status of the UNESCO biosphere reserve), Naurzumsky, Markakolsky, Ustyurt, West-Altay, Karatau, Alakol, Barsakelmes.

Created 13 national natural parks: Bayanaul, Kokshetau, Altyn-Emel, Ile-Alatau, Karkaraly, Burabay, Katon-Karagay, Charyn, Sairam-Ugam, Kolsay lakes, Zhongar Alatau, Buiratau, Tarbagatai.



Area 2,717,300 sq. km

Capital Nur-Sultan

State system Republic

population 18,000,000

language Kazakh, Russian

System of measures Metric

Time There are three time zones: GMT plus 4, 5 and 6 hours

Mains voltage 220V, 50Hz

National currency Tenge


63.1% Kazakhs

23.7% Russians

2.85% Uzbeks

2.1% Ukrainians

1.3% Tatars

6.6% Others


70.4% Muslims

24.8% christians

4.2% atheists

0.2% Buddhism

0.1% Other

Branches of the national economy oil, coal, iron ore industries, mining of manganese, chromium, tin, zinc, copper, titanium, bauxite, gold, silver, phosphates, sulfur, smelting iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, electric motors, building materials, grain, cotton, wool, livestock, tourism


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