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Modern Kazakhstan attracts with a wide variety of excursions and programs: the famous Alpine skating rink Medeo, the world's first Baikonur cosmodrome, the Charyn canyon - a little brother of the American Grand Canyon, unique Sufi monuments, the ancient cities of Taraz, Shymkent and Turkestan, UNESCO world heritage sites. Felt yurts, healing koumiss, endless steppes - Kazakhstan will be remembered for you by the bright and peculiar culture of the nomads.

19 days

Photo tour around South Kazakhstan and Almaty regions

During this tour you will discover unique Almaty and South Kazakhstan regions, it will be memorable and exciting journey, which will bring you unforgettable memories

12 days

Pearls of the Tien Shan

Almaty residents live in a beautiful city: a lot of fruit, warm winter and insane beauty around for thousands of kilometers. During this tour you can visit all of sightseeing near Almaty region and enjoy our amazing nature.

9 days

Kazakhstan Altai tour

Visiting the biggest National park in Kazakhstan you plunge into the world of authentic nature with reach flora and fauna. During the trip you will be surprised by the variety of landscapes from deserts to endless fields, birch groves, taiga forests, mountain glaciers, lakes and waterfalls. You’ll have a chance to see sacred Belukha mountain – the highest peak of Siberia and one of the powerful energy centers of the Earth. Brown bear, snow leopards, mountain goats, deer and many other animals inhabit these places

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