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The presence in Kazakhstan of many beautiful and unique places for tourism and recreation always makes you think about the most convenient, free and comfortable way to travel. The inaccessibility caused by the condition of the roads makes unavailable a visit to some extremely interesting places for group bus tours. Therefore, traveling on an SUV opens up many possible routes to communicate with nature. Individual off-road tours are chosen by us as the most convenient and comfortable way for tourist trips and excursions, allowing you to see and visit all the charming attractions of Kazakhstan. Auto tour is an individual tourist trip, when the program is formed taking into account all the wishes of the client. Stops for photographing, walking and others are made at the request of the group. The guide will tell you the best places where beautiful natural landscapes for photography are opened. We also know the best places on the road for lunch and rest. Communicability, attentive attitude to customers and safe driving are the main criteria in individual tours.

5 days

Adventurous Mangistau

Mangystau region is located at the junction of great desert and the world’s only inland sea — the Caspian Sea, which is located on the southwestern part of Kazakhstan. Here is one of the deepest hollows on the planet — Karagiye.

7 days

Unexplored Aralsk and Mangyshlak

This tour of the Aralsk town and the Aral area will allow the tour participants to feel the tragedy of the Aral Sea, which has shocked the whole world. The next stop is the boundless, untouched spaces of Mangystau. This is another world - mysterious and unknown.

13 days

Golden Ring of Zhetysu

During this tour, you will discover the unique Almaty region; it will be an interesting and fascinating journey that will bring you unforgettable memories.

5 days

Golden Ring of Zhetysu - short tour

During this tour you will visit the most popular places of Almaty region and enjoy unforgettable tour.

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